Southbridge Courses

Southbridge stands for training that actually works in the workplace. With lasting results!

In practice, projects with a high ICT component generally end with disappointing results. Either the product objectives aren’t achieved, or the budget or timings cannot be met. In addition, concessions are often made in terms of quality or the supplied products.
Southbridge believes project management can be much more efficient. And that it should! That’s why Southbridge has developed a project management training course that is both practical and inspiring.

Why choose the project management course of Southbridge?

There are countless project management courses on the market and many aspiring project managers choose an internationally accredited certificate. At Southbridge we absolutely agree and view it as an excellent starting point in the business. In our training courses, we delve deeper and focus on getting to the heart of the business together with the students. We strongly believe that project management not only means having the specific knowledge. There is much more to it; an exceptional project manager distinguishes him or herself through their attitude and behaviour. Not the knowledge and capabilities of a person, but rather the level of being is what we look for during the course sessions. Defining the scope of a project, in the technical sense, is something that every project manager should be capable of. When it comes to attitude and behaviour however – and the interaction with clients and other stakeholders – certain processes and dynamics come to life that cannot be separated from the people involved. Project management also becomes people management, which is which our training course instils an inerasable learning experience with both the aspiring and experienced project manager.